Lessons from the Journey

Life and imagery is fluid…even static two dimensional pictures or paintings provide a world for our eyes to explore.  A canvas should be that…a platform for exploration and to allow a viewer to experience a journey.

1) In “Fontanillis Vista” the focal point is the two pines juxtaposed to the rocky outcropping and mountains in the distance…with the Pacific Crest Trail guiding one through the journey towards them.

2) The lines of the mountains ridges, lake, and foreground all intersect at the focal point with a consistent composition throughout the movement forward.

3) The distant focal composition has much more detailed features, contrasts, and highlights…with the areas in gray de-emphasized with less detail.

While I generally like the composition, for future works I would include secondary and tertiary focus points to move the viewer forward in succession towards the destination and back.  With “Fontanillis Vista” I am reminded of the need to stop along the way and enjoy each new perspective, even when the natural instinct is to rush ahead to the final objective.