Lessons and Victories

The 2nd large canvas in the past few months, #17 is 24×48 and a new subject with different colors, light and methods used for the composition. I had previously completed a smaller study (#16, 10×20) so I understood a lot of what I wanted to acheive and how to do it. Overall, I am very pleased with how it turned out – with several victories of acheivement:

1) I love this rock in the middle left foreground – the light, shadow and shades of grey and blue. It shows, the rugged form of granite smashed, formed, and polished over thousands of years. I also like the reflected light and rays streaming through the leaves in front of it.

2) The shadow of the rock and the glimmering light reflecting across the surface. This technique was learned in painting #4 and I was able to apply it in an effective way.

3) The relfected light on the water from the rocky ledge. It works.

The image is also amazingly different depending on the degree of light. In sunlight or high light environments the details pop….In low light, the focus on the rapids and water flowing through the rocks dominates the scene.