Circling Back

As my 14th canvas, after a couple months of painting, I wanted to see the impact of my learnings on my style and capabilities. While not the exact image as #1, the composition many of the elements were basically the same. What I discovered is the following:

1) The color and level of detail has improved significantly. I am able to more easily show depth, contrast and shadow.

2) I have learned which paints to use…my palate has been more clearly defined…I know which whites, blues, blacks, browns and colors to use to achieve the desired result.

3) I have a better understanding of brushes and techniques to achieve detail.

4) I learned about mediums… safflower oil, linseed oil, terpentine, and how they intereact with different colors, hues, and paints. As a result, I can apply color and detail with more deliberate focus.

Learning is an ongoing process, but I am pleased with the progress I made through these initial works.