(Oil on Canvas, 18×24)

The Pacific Crest Trail follows along the eastern edge of Fontanallis Lake in the Desolation Wilderness near Lake Tahoe. Dick’s Pass and Dick’s Peak are the focal point in the distance with two pines juxtaposed to the rocky outcropping across the lake in the distance.

This vista is about “taking a step back”. The scene and two pines are the same as with painting #1, just back down the trail a little. Perspective is essential to any composition and to life. My journey as an artist has begun by taking a step back and gaining perspective. In the series of 18 paintings I’ve done over the past 3 months, many have focused on the Desolation Wilderness and the Sierras in general. It is an area fundamental to who I am as a person and always draws me back to the beauty of the blue waters, skies and a rocky, stark landscape filled with amazing vistas.

As I painted this, I imagined walking down the path towards the trees and appreciating the landscape in greater detail with each step. As I move forward down my new path as an artist, I am also capturing the evolution of each painting with a series of snapshots. The snapshots chronicle the journey within the journey and I’ll share my learnings about each painting, and the process of painting. Many aspects of painting have been totally new to me, and it has been fascinating to learn about paints, brushes, mediums, and techniques.

I’ll continue to share those insights as well.