(Oil on Canvas, 12×16)

“You are what you believe yourself to be.” – Paulo Coelho

I am an artist. This is my first painting in 10 years. I finished less than a dozen paintings in my life before this – and only a handful of those have survived and reside at the homes of friends and family. Although I will always be learning, I consider all prior works…practice. This is the first painting of my new career as a dedicated artist.

I guess I have always been an artist. For the last 25 years my canvas has been a computer screen, my tools have been software, my paint: data, my studio: an office, my subject…the world of business. I crafted data and numbers into visuals to analyze, find patterns, variances, trends and stories. Before, I’d tell those stories through reports, dashboards and presentations with the basic goal of maximizing ROI

Now it is time to tell stories on canvas…about nature and the world. In my mind, it is all the same. The same concepts, the same mental skillset, same thought processes, same learnings, and same stories…just told through a different medium and using different tools.

I’m excited to continue my journey along this new path and welcome you to follow along.

Thank you,